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December 08, 2015

Its been a busy year at Cake Royale Cafe, we've managed to configure a local shipping feature into our new re-designed  website allowing customers that live <15km away the ability to have their product shipped to them for a flat rate.  its definitely a feature that customers have asked from us for a long time and we are so happy to have it up & running. 

We've also been busy in the baking department with some new recipes being developed,  we have a lineup of gourmet squares (or bars) not sure what the final name will be called yet but from the initial tastes we think they will be a hit! we had some samples out last week at the shop but hopefully soon we'll have them available in store and online for order (stay tuned) so far the feedback has been awesome.

We've also expanded one of our top sellers, the famous Roulade! we've added Double Chocolate/Raspberry and Mochachino and you can order them online in full or sliced versions.  You can order these online.

Also, our holiday treats our out...we have our famous yule logs ready to order in store and online along with our collection of homemade (Mama's recipe) cookies.  We do offer some online for order now and we are anticipating having all of our cookies in our website by January.

Don't forget to visit out blog for more updates and i'll be working on some tips & tricks as well!

Happy Holidays!


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